Verônica Ferriani – Vocalist – Part 1 – how to perform to international audiences


Whether at a small, intimate club or on a festival stage, singer Verônica Ferriani captivates audiences by delivering a rich, full-sensory musical experience through her powerful, emotional and original presentation of Musica Brasileira. Born in São Paulo, Ferriani began her artistic career in 2004, performing alongside some of the country’s musical giants (Ivan Lins, Beth Carvalho, Mart’nália, Spokfrevo Orchestra) at the most respected venues in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. She received one of the highest honors in the world of samba, opening for two of Rio’s most famous samba schools’ Chiefs, Mangueira and Portela. Hailed as “one of the major revelations of recent times, marrying technique and personality, fluid delivery and immaculate taste,” I’ve always loved her shows and was so pleased to have the chance to chat with her for Cabaret Secrets.

Veronica is as endearing on stage as she is in person. I know you’ll enjoy this interview. In part 1 she talks about the challenges of putting a show together for a theatre audience and learning how to feel comfortable on a large stage. She admits to being a shy person and says she found it hard to just “be” on stage. We discuss the challenges of chatting to an audience and Veronica explains how she scripts her shows and techniques she uses to make it sound real and natural each time she performs.

We discuss how to talk to international audiences, in her case Brazilians and English speakers, and how she decides which songs to sing in her show.

Apologies for the poor sound quality on this interview, I had my recorder on the wrong setting!

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