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About this course

Welcome to Cabaret Secrets Quick Tips. Here you'll find 1 hour 20 mins of videos covering all the topics from the book. It's an overview of everything you need to create your own show, travel the world and paid to do what you love.


Course Structure

What Is The X factor?

In the first video I ask can anyone be a cabaret artiste? Have you got what it takes? I discuss charisma, the importance of practise and why you need to be totally prepared.

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Theme Your Show

In this tip I discuss how important it is to have a clear theme for your show, how it can bring focus and help get and audience through the door.

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Find the Emotional Triggers

In this quick tip I talk about the power of music to take us all back to one particular moment in our lives. If you find the songs that trigger powerful emotions for your audience you can take your show to a whole new level.

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Be Sincere

In this tip I talk about the importance of keeping it real. If you're sincere in what you say and sing to your audience they will believe you and buy into it. No one someone who's not being themselves. Always be honest, open and genuine.

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Use a Template

This is probably the most useful thing I can teach you. It's hard to create a show from scratch. With so many choices you can stare at a blank piece of paper for hours. By analysing shows of matt Monro, Any Winehouse, Michael Bublé and Celine Dion I found many similarities. There are rules you can follow. Create you own template and simply fill in the blanks.

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How to Talk to Your Audience

What you say in between the songs is the glue that holds your show together. It's at least as important as the songs you choose, possible more so. In this video I talk about the four different types of chat or patter and how to use them.

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It sounds obvious, but don't underestimate the importance of practise and preparation. Not only learning your script and lyrics until they are second nature but being totally prepared with the sheet music and technical riders so you don't waste anyone's time.

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Instrumental Breaks

In this short video I want to talk about using instrumental breaks most effectively. If you're a singer working on a cruise ship, I suggest you use sparingly and when you do, make a feature of them.

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Love Your Musicians

I always find it staggering to hear of singers disrespecting their musicians. It happens. I assume it probably their own insecurities more than bad manners. If you're working on a ship the band are probably an integral part of your show. With rare exceptions, they'll be great readers and used to work with singers just like you. Make sure you're music to totally clear, well written and accurate. If something's doesn't sound right, differ to the Musical Director during the rehearsal – that's their job, and be super prepared so you don't waste anyone's time. The rehearsal is for the band and the tech crew, not you. Respect the band and they will do a great job for you. Ultimately it's in your own interests.

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Musical Arrangements for Ships

Your music says a lot about you and your professionalism. Invest money in having your arrangements written to the highest standard. If they are correct, clean and easy to read your rehearsal will be fast and fun. The show will sound as you want it to and everyone will be happy.

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Lighting Your Show

Nat Cole said if your show looks good, to most people it will sound good. Lighting makes a huge difference to how impactful your show can be. In this video I give you a few pointers on how to get the most out of your lighting tech.

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Working with a Sound Engineer

Your sound can make or break your show. In this video I gave a few suggestions how how to get work with your sound engineer to help them get the best out of your voice.

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Building your Audience

Creating a good show is only the start. You need an audience. Cruise ships make this easy but if you're on land you'll need to build a fan base. In this video I talk about the value of networking, using a strong theme and good images, mailing lists and getting your show reviewed.

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How to Get an Agent

Personal recommendations are always the best way “in” to an agency. They get inundated with pleas for representation so in this video I give some tips on how you can get noticed. The most important thing is a killer showreel, beyond that, find your Unique Sales Point, and remember, polite persistence pays.

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How to be a Entertainer on Cruise Ships

Flying half way around the world and stepping onto a cruise ship for the first time can be a very daunting experience. In this video I give you a few dos and don'ts on how to conduct yourself on board. I discuss the importance of knowing your audience, being ready to make changes to your show, and why you should be easy to work with.

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