The Philosophy of Bruce Springsteen


The Boss of New Jersey shares his mission statement and tells us what drives him to perform.

Springsteen and a easy to like. Good songs, nice guy and judging by the lengths of his concerts, he’s good value for money. In 2012 his show in Helsinki lasted over four hours. Something pretty powerful is driving him to give that much.

In the Renegades podcast (with Barack Obama) he shares his philosophy:

I’m going to give my best to bring out the best I’m you… and I’m going to send you home with a sense of community and a set of values that may sustain you beyond the concert.

Isn’t that great? That’s a very clear mission and far more reaching than “I’m going to do my best to help you have a good time”.

When I perform I’m trying to harness the power of music to bring people together. I want my audiences to feel connected and enjoy that same sense of community that Springsteen looks for. We all want to feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. We need that sense of belonging – to be part of a tribe. A show, even if it’s just online, can do this and that, for me is the magic and the power of music.

What’s your mission when you step out onto the stage?

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