Steven Brinberg talks about performing as Simply Barbra


As Simply Barbra Steven Brinberg has worked over the world with concerts as far afield as New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. He’s toured the US with numerous symphony orchestras, worked at Carnegie Hall, New York’s Kennedy Centre with Marvin Hamlisch and on Broadway with Whoopi Goldberg. We talk about the challenges for cabaret singers to find an audience in metropolis like London and New York when there is so much competition from other performers and legitimate theatre. Having a strong hook helps – a title that people can relate to, which in Steven’s case Barbra Streisand.

He doesn’t feel limited only being able to perform the songs and say the things Barbra would. He keeps his show fresh by changing his patter for almost every performance.

We discussed the pros and cons of performing only one set versus having a interval. Most venues like having an interval so they can sell drinks and mechanise.

You can see Steven until Thursday 25th October 2014 in London at the Crazy Coqs.

Recorded in London 19th October 2014

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