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Cabaret Secrets Video Training


1 hour 20 mins of “quick tips” covering every chapter in the Cabaret Secrets book. This will give you everything you need to start your cabaret journey: create your own show, travel the world and get paid to do what you love.

A great accompaniment to the book or an alternative, if you prefer a more visual learning experience. There are 15 Quick Tip videos covering the basics of everything you need to get going. The modules closely mirror the contents of the book and much of the course notes are taken straight from the book too. Unlike the book, you also get a range of helpful PDFs of templates and cheat sheets you can download. The modules are:

  1. What Is The X Factor?
  2. Theme Your Show
  3. Find The Emotional Triggers
  4. Be Sincere
  5. Use A Template
  6. How To Talk To Your Audience
  7. Practise
  8. Instrumental Breaks
  9. Love Your Musicians
  10. Musical Arrangements For Ships
  11. Lighting Your Show
  12. Working With A Sound Engineer
  13. Building Your Audience
  14. How To Get An Agent
  15. How To Be An Entertainer On Cruise Ships