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Having gone through the total humiliation in my younger days of trying to make it as a cabaret artist, I empathise entirely with anyone who has taken the decision to put themselves through the mill of working men’s clubs, pubs, etc. However, if you want to make a success of your chosen profession you have to take the very rough with the ultimate smooth. This is pointed out in Gary Williams’ book and it brought floods of memory back to me. I know exactly where he is coming from and the excellent advice he wants to impart to you budding cabaret artists. If this is what you want to finally achieve then READ THIS BOOK.

Better still, read the book and listen to the CD and find out how effortless Williams makes the whole thing seem, although always bearing in mind that he didn’t become this suave entertainer overnight and came up through the ranks like all good professionals.

Learn the hard way and you will be able to face anything that’s thrown at you. This book is a must for all you budding crooners.

by Musical Theatre Review

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