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"I feel like the blindfold has finally come off"
Suzi Woods, Vocalist

It is possible to have the life you always dreamed of. If you love to sing and entertain, don't waste anymore time. The opportunities are there and waiting for you. Unlock your performing potential and enrol on the Cabaret Secrets Video Masterclass today. 

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1. Introduction

Welcome to the Cabaret Secrets Video Masterclass.

2. What Is Cabaret?

It’s been around for over 100 years, is difficult to define, and just when you think it’s gone away forever, there’s another comeback. No, not The Rolling Stones, I’m talking about the subtle art of cabaret.

3. What Is The 'X' Factor?

No one seems to know what it is or where it comes from. Apparently you either have it or you don’t and Simon Cowell’s made millions spotting it. The ‘X’ factor. What is it? Why do you need it, and how can you get more of it?

4. Theme Your Show

In this tip I discuss how important it is to have a clear theme for your show, how it can bring focus and help get and audience through the door.

5. Understanding Templates

Starting with a blank piece of paper can be daunting. There are so many choices it can be hard to know where to begin. Over the years I’ve developed a systematic way of creating a show from start to finish.

6. How To Talk To Your Audience

We are communicators on a grand scale. If we love what we do, singing songs and sharing stories, the audience will respond. If we feel good, so does everyone else and the energy multiplies. This is where I systematically break down the different types of "chat" and explain how you can use them. If you think you've got nothing to say to your audience, I will give you the tools to craft an effective script for your show and hold the room.


7. Respect Your Musicians

As a singer you’re completely reliant on the band to make your show work. You’ll want to be on good terms from the moment your rehearsal begins so they’re on your side and keen to do their best for you. All the band want from you is professionalism. They want you to show up on time, know what you’re doing and give them clear music to play.

8. Working With Sound

I asked Jazz Mouse studio’s Paul Fawcus how a singer, with little technical knowledge of sound, can get the best result from the technician they’re working with. “Communication, communication, communication!” Here are my dos and don'ts for working with sound engineers.

9. Working With Lights

I learned the hard way to keep lighting simple. In one venue I failed to realise that the technician was new, and well, clueless. The only thing he was good at was reassuring me everything would be all right. It was a disaster. Blackouts in the middle of songs, house lights on and off for no reason, and so much haze I almost called Search and Rescue. Use these tips to make sure that doesn't happen to you!

10. Using A Rider

Being prepared in advance of the rehearsal and letting the sound technician know any special requirements can save headaches later on.

11. What To Wear

I'm no stylist, but I've seen enough ill dressed performers to learn a thing or two about what to wear on stage. Here are a few tips to help you look your best.

12. Refining Your Show

After I’d been performing in Working Men’s Clubs for a year, I took my show to a swanky London cabaret club filled with as many bookers and reviewers as I could persuade to come along. Afterwards, the late Peter Hepple of The Stage wrote something I’ve never forgotten, “Gary Williams is a fine singer and a welcome addition to London’s cabaret scene. Now the real work begins.” Once you are on your way, it's the constant refinement of your show that will keep you on top.

13. How To Get An Agent

Some acts with plenty of experience represent themselves, but that’s unusual; most have an agent. Good representation means you don’t have to maintain relationships with lots of people - you deal with your agent and they take care of everything else. They’ll entertain bookers, agree contracts and make sure you get paid. Aside from everything else, having a good agent will enhance your image and open doors. Let’s look at how to get an agent and what to expect when you find one.

14. How To Get An Audience

Most of this series has been about creating and perfecting your own show, but if you’re working on land you’ll also need to find an audience who’ll pay to appreciate your hard work.

15. Look After Your Voice

Your voice is your livelihood, your artistic outlet and your pay check. I never used to give mine a second thought but like anything else you take for granted, you only miss it when it’s gone. Here is some great advice to make sure your stay on top vocal form.

16. Record An Album

There’s nothing like having a CD as a shop window, both to attract bookings and also give audiences something they can buy to take away with them. Here are my tips on recording your album.

17. Conclusion

At the beginning of this series I promised to show you how to produce your own show, travel the world and get paid to do what you love. I hope I’ve lived up to that promise. Here is my parting advice.

Bonus: How To Crowd Fund Your Next Album

We are artistes. We live to create and so it's natural for us to want to record an album of our music. The tricky part is paying for it. I have been lucky enough to fund two albums from crowd-funding. Here's what I have learned.

Bonus: How To Work On Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are a great place for many cabaret artistes to work but are they right for you? In this bonus lesson we look at what makes cruise ships different, whether you're a good fit, how you'll need to adapt your act and what to expect when you get on board. 

Price: £497.00

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Incredible Opportunities

There are incredible opportunities for cabaret performers. Use this time wisely because when the world has moved on from Covid-19 audiences will be flocking back to theatres and cruise ships. 

Save Years of Hard Work

Being the best takes time and effort but there are shortcuts. The Video Masterclass gives you a fast-track to success which means less time wasting money and more time making it doing what you love.

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Results-based training based on proven methods, packed with practical advice you can really use. I've walked the walk, I know the challenges you'll face and I can help you get to the next level.

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I have brought my Cabaret Masterclass to singers all over the world and of all ages. My clients perform with major cruise lines, festivals and theatres.

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It was such a valuable day in a host of ways, and I felt privileged and lucky to be involved….

…the rationale behind tweaking the running order was particularly useful.

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I regularly teach one of the only cabaret courses in the UK at the renowned Guildford School of Acting. With your talent and my unique process, I guarantee results.

I feel like the blindfold has finally come off…

Some great aha moments – I really had a breakthrough…

Incredibly helpful and useful. A real confidence booster.

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Meet Your Teacher

Singer-songwriter, broadcaster and author Gary Williams has been hailed as “the UK's leading standard bearer for the supercool era” and has performed everywhere from Bestival to Buckingham Palace. Star of the West End’s “Rat Pack”, he is a favourite with big bands and concert orchestras throughout the world from the BBC Concert Orchestra to the Melbourne Symphony. Described by producer Hugh Wooldridge as "One of the most distinguished cabaret artistes this country has produced," Gary wrote the performers’ bible ‘Cabaret Secrets’, has presented for BBC Radio 2 and was profiled in the Sunday Times' ‘Fame and Fortune’ section. His fifteen solo albums prompted Oscar winning lyricist Don Black to say “In a world of Pop Idol mediocrity Gary Williams shines like a dazzling beacon.”

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