Kuba Kawnik – Cruise Ship Multi Instrumentalist – Part 1


Born in Poland, multi-instrumentalist Jakub Kuba Kawnik studied flute, violin, piano, guitar and drums… all before he was thirteen. Soon after his discovered his true passion: the vibraphone. He has performed with the Warsaw and Lodz Philhormonics, toured the United States and is a regular headliner on the world’s premier cruise lines. Kuba shares his experiences of working on cruise ships, initially as a member of the orchestra, and explains how he learned to craft his own show by watching other entertainers. We talk about commissioning musical arrangements, choosing repertoire, changing the show from ship to ship and how to work with a sound technician. He told me, “I never play the same show twice. Every cruise line has a different audience, so I have to change it all the time. I am always trying to reach perfection.”

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