Kate Chruscicka


Case Study

Kate Chruscicka had already read Cabaret Secrets and had already started working as a Guest Entertainer on ships. She wasn’t getting the reaction she felt she deserved so booked a half day one-on-one consultancy with me.

“Gary helped me to recreate my entire show from the scratch. I was a little bit anxious in the very beginning, not knowing where I should start. Having had studied his book we met for the first time in London to talk about my show. I felt I most needed help with what to say in between the tunes. I never felt I had anything worth talking about. Gary changed all that and we wrote a new script based on my true life story. He made me realise just how much material I had! Gary – two months after our one-to-one training session I’ve just finished my first full cruise ship show (Fred Olsen, transatlantic cruise from Barbados to Dover). I got a standing ovation! I still have a lot to work to do but it was just unbelievable last night. Everything worked! Gary has a vast knowledge of show production and knows exactly what’s right! I would seriously recommend Gary to any young generation artists who seek guidance and help. Thank you so much!”

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