How to take your cabaret to New York by PR expert Laura Davis


Described by New York’s Time Out as “Press Agent extraordinaire” London based Laura Davis has spent years promoting shows on both sides of the Atlantic. If you want to take your cabaret across the pond, she could be your secret weapon.

Don’t expect to get rich

According to Laura good cabaret is, “…when the audience is enlivened and enlightened; where they learn something and they walk out feeling dazzled.”

Of course it isn’t for everyone. Laura’s worked with lots of successful Broadway performers who didn’t take to the raw intimacy of cabaret. As she told me, “There are some people you’d think would be fabulous doing a solo cabaret show but for some reason they prefer to stay behind the fourth wall.” And of course despite the cabaret resurgence it is hard to make a living performing in small rooms. “Cabaret is notoriously unprofitable so you have to love it.”

Don’t take coals to Newcastle

Laura thinks the London scene is more adventurous than its counterpart in New York. She enjoys the variety in London, particularly how one show will often feature singers, comedians and burlesque dancers – all on one stage.

If you’re a Brit going over to New York with your show Laura advises you to do the most British act you can do because that’s something they won’t normally see. “Show them something that is unique to your culture and your expertise. Sing British songs and they’ll probably thank you for it. Make it as English as you can because that’s you unique selling point.”

It’s also important to have a clear theme for your show or as Laura calls it “a strong motif”. As she says, “It’s lets people know what to expect. It defines the synopsis of the evening”.

Get in touch

If you’re thinking about taking your show across the pond and need help from someone who knows the landscape click here for more details about Laura.

Recorded in London at the St James’ Theatre on 11 October 2013

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