How to get your cabaret show reviewed by Sara Cluderay of This is Cabaret


This interview covers three main topics: Sara’s own show (Two Dumb Blondes), her work as a cabaret reviewer and the benefits of social media. In defining cabaret Sara says, “It’s an opportunity for artistes to do something very different and see what happens… If you have your own cabaret show you can really push the limits. We want to see the audience’s faces and there are something’s that you can’t rehearse.”

It was interesting to hear Sara talk about her role of as a cabaret reviewer for This Is Cabaret. She tells us what she looks for in a show and what’s she learned from seeing so many acts with a critical eye. “One of the things I’ve taken away is about the pacing of a show, especially with the chat in between songs.”

We all know it can be hard to get your show reviewed. If you want to attract a reviewer’s attention Sara suggests the following:

  • Send your information early.
  • Send a few dates with your press release for the reviewer to choose from.
  • Send your press release to the right people. Not all reviewers will be interested in singers.
  • Follow your press release up. Don’t be scared to gently push.
  • Youtube can only do so much so use Open Mics to let potential bookers see us perform.

Sara reminds us not to underestimate the importance of social media, “It’s great for networking and promoting your own show”. More than just telling people about your gigs and “how great the audience was,” Sara says it’s all about “shareable content” – interesting things that people will want to share with people in their network. Try competitions, sharing funny stories or asking for people’s opinion. Engage people.

Recorded in London 6th September 2013.

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