Georgina Jackson


Case Study

I have worked with a few bands when Georgina Jackson has been playing trumpet. She always had a great personality and a voice to match and wasn’t surprised to hear she was taking centre stage. When she decided to create an act for cruise ships, she reached out to me. She’s now busy headlining on cruise ships all over the world.

“Having worked as a trumpet player in Gary’s bands on a number of occasions I have always admired his stagecraft, and relaxed professionalism. You just know the band and more importantly, the audience are going to have a great time in his company. So, when I came to developing a trumpet and singing cabaret show for the purpose of working on cruise ships I read his excellent ‘Cabaret Secrets’ book to put me on the right track and set out creating a couple of set list ideas. Gary sat with me and discussed the reason for me choosing the songs, gave alternative repertoire suggestions and guided me through constructing a set which flowed both theatrically and musically.  His knowledge of the tiny details and little tricks that can turn simple ideas into cabaret gold is impeccable. I felt so much more confident about performing my first cruise show having had Gary as a mentor, he gave me knowledge, confidence and his years of performing experience. I feel very fortunate to have his words in my head as I perform.”

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