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Gary Williams has been in the business as a vocalist since the 1990s, starting off on his home ground in Humberside prior to his first big break that led to a 12-month UK tour of The Legend of Sinatra compèred by veteran DJ David Jacobs. West End stints in the Rat Pack and numerous concert engagements along with television and plenty of radio work and even a performance at Buckingham Palace have honed his skills even more and today he is a much in demand and respected artiste with a tried and tested track record. You are likely to find Gary singing on board cruise ships or in a cabaret room or in front of a huge orchestra in one of the great concert venues and he has done the lot. He has recorded many CDs and established himself in the standards songbook genre whilst losing none of his adaptability to entertain that specific audience. After years of being asked by others wishing to enter the business how they should go about it or how they could improve an existing act Gary decided to put pen to paper and come up with his best advice and has decided to call it “Cabaret Secrets”.

The old days of clubs and variety as a place to learn your trade have sadly gone but there are still lots of opportunities if you are prepared and ready to travel. Don’t get worried about the title this isn’t another kiss and tell saga but a step by step guide to putting a show together with first hand knowledge from Gary and others in the business. It is a logical approach to an often difficult job that will reap rewards.

What I liked was the format of the book, step by step through a show for example: Be Prepared, obvious but essential. Love Your Musicians, well you cannot perform without them. Talent is Only the Starting Point, and perseverance does pay off. How to Get an Agent, well they are a great source of work and getting the right one for you is important. Know your audience, engage with them and sing the right songs and use the right patter. These are just a few of the areas covered in ‘Cabaret Secrets’.

Included is the essential glossary of terms and analyses of acts demonstrating how best to put over an act and yourself. Well known names are Matt Monro; Michael Bublé; Celine Dion & Amy Winehouse.

Clive Fuller (Encore Magazine)

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