Dan Delgado


Case Study

I had worked with Daniel Delgado a few times on a Royal Caribbean ship. I was a guest act and he was in the band. I helped him with a few ideas for the show he wanted to put together and eventually had the pleasure of seeing him do his show. He was keen to learn and responded very well to suggestions. It’s such a pleasure to see him working flat out on ships – not as a crew member, but as a Guest Entertainer with his own show.

“In 2013 I joined Royal Caribbean as a 2nd trumpet player and was exposed to this job called “Guest Entertainer”. I performed with many acts throughout my three years working on the ship but always wanted to stop doing long contracts as a crew member.

In August 2015 the Cruise Director let me put on my show. It was a good start but I hadn’t spent much time working on a script or blocking. Turns out these are really important but what did I know – I was just a musician. This is where Gary Williams helped me out a lot. After seeing one of my shows he talked to me about some of the arrangements, maybe make this one shorter, this song doesn’t do anything, the mic stand is in the way… things like that. Gary really opened my eyes to things I didn’t think mattered. As it turns out everything matters from what you are wearing to where you are standing at any point in the show.

Not only did Gary give me great notes and things to think about he also helped me in the way that I got to watch him perform once a cruise. He may not realise but this is where I learned the most from him. Every night he is spot on and from the first time I saw him perform I knew that he sets the standard for what I wanted to do. If you ever have a chance to work with Gary from a director’s standpoint I would highly recommend that but also go watch him play as many times as you can. Now thanks to Gary’s help I am traveling around to ships doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

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