Angela Sephton


Case Study

Angela is a production singer for Royal Caribbean who wanted to create her own show. She used Cabaret Secrets as a framework and every so often asked me to review her work in progress. She is now has a successful act which she performs in addition to her work with the production cast.

“I have been trying to put together my own guest entertainer show for a year or so. Though I did get a show off the ground, I felt like the audience was not responding in the way I wanted. That was until I read Cabaret Secrets. I just simply followed the steps laid out in Gary’s book and my show changed dramatically. This week was my first time implementing the changes and WOW! I received a standing ovation and had the guests laughing when I wanted them to laugh and cry when I wanted them to truly feel something. I was also privileged to have Gary work one-on-one with me. His book plus some amazing words of wisdom has now given me a great show that I think only getting better. I would recommend this book to anyone just starting out or even a seasoned performer. It makes you think about things you never really thought would effect your show. It is great to refer back to chapters when you feel like moments of the show need tweaking. Thank you Gary Williams and your amazing book!”

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