Allan Stewart – Comedy Entertainer on how to be a great entertainer – Part 1


Allan Stewart is one of the most respected all-round entertainers in the business. In a career spanning over 40 years he has appeared on numerous television programmes including 3 Royal Variety shows. He’s recorded albums and singles and appeared in twenty-two pantomimes. He played the part of Al Jolson in the West End production of “Jolson”, which later continued on to Toronto, Canada. Other productions include “Stones in His Pockets” and “The Producers”.  We talked for over an hour so I split the interview in to four sections. In Part 1 we discuss: Developing the act, using a template, why silence is deadly, how to make every show look like your first, how to make chat sound natural, the first 15 minutes, working with a director, upping the ante, reacting to the room, why you should never give a straight man a funny line and what Allan learned from earning from Al Jolson.

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