Javier Escalante


I met vocalist Javier onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. He’s blessed with an amazing voice but until recently hadn’t done anything with it. He was already in the process of creating his own show when he reached out for help. 

After years working in the marketing department of cruise ships, I decided to pursue my true passion of singing and create my own show. The advice in Cabaret Secrets gave me the confidence and know-how to make it happen. Thanks to the Cruise Director, every now and then I was able to perform my new show on the ship. It was well received but I know parts of it were not working. I was lucky enough to meet Gary when he came on board to perform his own show. He agreed to help me and what started as a one hour meeting turned into four hours! Immediately after this meeting, and re-reading Cabaret Secrets, I completely redesigned my show. With my design and marketing background I created a pictorial version of Gary’s template idea. This means I can visualise the showmore easily and fine-tune it. I’m delighted to say that performing the show with this new format has landed me a permanent spot every cruise onboard my current ship! The experience I’m getting is priceless. Cabaret Secrets and Gary’s advice gave me the insight I needed into every aspect of creating a show and working as an entertainer. It was exactly what I needed. As I continue to make my career switch, I consider Cabaret Secrets to be an essential asset in my library and having Gary as a mentor is invaluable.

Javier’s visualisation of his show

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  1. You’re a great singer as well as a lovely leader, Javier. You’ll fulfill and succeed in any facet of your ascending career!!

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