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"I feel like the blindfold has finally come off"

Suzi Woods, Vocalist

  • Create Your Own Show
    My goal is to get you gig ready with no nonsense, practical advice. I teach one of the only cabaret courses in the UK at the renowned Guildford School of Acting and I'll help you to create your own show from scratch, get an agent and much more.
  • Travel The World
    Take advantage of the tremendous opportunities on luxury cruise ships. I've performed for the largest ships in the world for 30 years and can help you do the same.
  • Get Paid To Do What You Love
    Sick of seeing other people get the success you deserve? Don't waste anymore time and effort on low paying gigs and poor conditions. Get paid well and treated with the respect you deserve.  
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    I think you're going to love this course but if you're not completely satisfied, I'll give you your money back in full.

My story

I didn’t go to theatre school or take music lessons (I still can’t read music). No one taught me how to perform but I went from singing to drunken crowds in pubs to travelling the world earning over $100,000 a year. And so can you.

Over the years I’ve wasted literally £1000s and endless hours because I literally didn’t know what I was doing. Now, after 30 years, I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. With this Masterclass I cover everything you need to know to get from a blank piece of paper to creating a show you can be proud of and, with a bit of luck, get paid to perform all over the world.

This isn’t pie in the sky stuff. There really are amazing opportunities out there, right now, for the right people. You’re going to have a great time, but I also want to be honest with you. There's a lot of competition out there and to get to the top you’ll need grit and a strong work ethic. Talent, yes, but most people fail because they give up at the first hurdle. If you’re prepared to put the hours in, I'm here to help you to realise your potential and start getting paid to do what you love!

Huge Opportunities

There are incredible opportunities for cabaret performers. As the restrictions from Covid-19 are being lifted audiences all over the world are flocking back to theatres and cruise ships.

Your Shortcut

Being the best takes time and effort but there are shortcuts. This Video Masterclass gives you a fast-track to success which means you don't have to make the mistakes I did.

Practical Advice

Results-based training based my proven method, packed with practical advice you can really use. I've walked the walk, I know the challenges you'll face and I can help you get to the next level.

"The art of cabaret is too often the Cinderella of the arts world: cabaret clubs arrive in a glitter ball of promise, only to vanish on the stroke of midnight. But now, Gary Williams, and established singer and recording artist, has marshalled his own personal experience – and spoken to many other practitioners – to come up with an invaluable guide to negotiating the minefield of creating a cabaret act and making a career and living from it."


"Williams’s attention to detail is all that you would expect from the author of Cabaret Secrets, a fascinating insider’s handbook on how to nurture an audience for the kind of classic songbook fare that struggles to make itself heard in a world obsessed with The X Factor."

- clive davis, the times

Masterclass Contents

After your 30 minute welcome call with Gary, here's what you'll be learning:

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Cabaret Secrets Video Masterclass.

2. What Is Cabaret?

In this module I discuss how important it is to have a clear theme for your show, how it can bring focus and help get and audience through the door.

3. What Is The 'X' Factor?

No one seems to know what it is or where it comes from. Apparently you either have it or you don’t and Simon Cowell’s made millions spotting it. The ‘X’ factor. What is it? Why do you need it, and how can you get more of it?

4. Theme Your Show

In this module I discuss how important it is to have a clear theme for your show, how it can bring focus and help get and audience through the door.

5. Understanding Templates

Starting with a blank piece of paper can be daunting. There are so many choices it can be hard to know where to begin. Over the years I’ve developed a systematic way of creating a show from start to finish.

6. How To Talk To Your Audience

We are communicators on a grand scale. If we love what we do, singing songs and sharing stories, the audience will respond. If we feel good, so does everyone else and the energy multiplies. This is where I systematically break down the different types of "chat" and explain how you can use them. If you think you've got nothing to say to your audience, I will give you the tools to craft an effective script for your show and hold the room.

7. Respect Your Musicians

As a singer you’re completely reliant on the band to make your show work. You’ll want to be on good terms from the moment your rehearsal begins so they’re on your side and keen to do their best for you. All the band want from you is professionalism. They want you to show up on time, know what you’re doing and give them clear music to play.

8. Working With Sound

I asked Jazz Mouse studio’s Paul Fawcus how a singer, with little technical knowledge of sound, can get the best result from the technician they’re working with. “Communication, communication, communication!” Here are my dos and don'ts for working with sound engineers.

9. Working With Lights

I learned the hard way to keep lighting simple. In one venue I failed to realise that the technician was new, and well, clueless. The only thing he was good at was reassuring me everything would be all right. It was a disaster. Blackouts in the middle of songs, house lights on and off for no reason, and so much haze I almost called Search and Rescue. Use these tips to make sure that doesn't happen to you!

10. Using A Rider

Being prepared in advance of the rehearsal and letting the sound technician know any special requirements can save headaches later on.

11. What To Wear

I'm no stylist, but I've seen enough ill dressed performers to learn a thing or two about what to wear on stage. Here are a few tips to help you look your best.

12. Refining Your Show

After I’d been performing in Working Men’s Clubs for a year, I took my show to a swanky London cabaret club filled with as many bookers and reviewers as I could persuade to come along. Afterwards, the late Peter Hepple of The Stage wrote something I’ve never forgotten, “Gary Williams is a fine singer and a welcome addition to London’s cabaret scene. Now the real work begins.” Once you are on your way, it's the constant refinement of your show that will keep you on top.

13. How To Get An Agent

Some acts with plenty of experience represent themselves, but that’s unusual; most have an agent. Good representation means you don’t have to maintain relationships with lots of people - you deal with your agent and they take care of everything else. They’ll entertain bookers, agree contracts and make sure you get paid. Aside from everything else, having a good agent will enhance your image and open doors. Let’s look at how to get an agent and what to expect when you find one.

14. How To Get An Audience

Most of this series has been about creating and perfecting your own show, but if you’re working on land you’ll also need to find an audience who’ll pay to appreciate your hard work.

15. Look After Your Voice

Your voice is your livelihood, your artistic outlet and your pay check. I never used to give mine a second thought but like anything else you take for granted, you only miss it when it’s gone. Here is some great advice to make sure your stay on top vocal form.

16. Record An Album

There’s nothing like having a CD as a shop window, both to attract bookings and also give audiences something they can buy to take away with them. Here are my tips on recording your album.

17. Conclusion

At the beginning of this series I promised to show you how to produce your own show, travel the world and get paid to do what you love. I hope I’ve lived up to that promise. Here is my parting advice.

Bonus: How To Crowd Fund An Album

We are artistes. We live to create and so it's natural for us to want to record an album of our music. The tricky part is paying for it. I have been lucky enough to fund two albums from crowd-funding. Here's what I have learned.

Bonus: Working On Cruise Ships

We are communicators on a grand scale. If we love what we do, singing songs and sharing stories, the audience will respond. If we feel good, so does everyone else and the energy multiplies. This is where I systematically break down the different types of "chat" and explain how you can use them. If you think you've got nothing to say to your audience, I will give you the tools to craft an effective script for your show and hold the room.

Bonus: Cruising During Covid 

In 2021 I worked for almost six months on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas during the Covid pandemic. In this video I share with you some of the insights into working with Covid restrictions and what you can expect if you’re going to work on a cruise ship soon.

Bonus: Perceived Value

Who decides how much something is worth? Whether it’s a CD, a musical arrangement, or you as an artiste, the price people are prepared to pay all comes down to how valuable they perceive it to be. This short bonus module is all about increasing your perceived value to bookers and audience members.

Bonus: Working With Tech Teams

I cover working with production staff briefly in the main workshop but here I go into more detail about how to get the best out of the production staff you’re working with.

Dip your toe in the water...

Check out these extracts from three of the workshop modules to get an idea of what to expect. 

Theme Your Show
How To Talk To Your Audience
How To Get An Agent

Check out these success stories

I feel extremely privileged to have worked with Gary on our up-coming show. We came to him with nothing more than a basic concept and structure. And without further ado he set about turning it into some concrete – assessing our unique selling points, targeting our audience, providing a wide variety of creative ideas, and in virtually every respect going above and beyond expectations.

Julia Josephs

Headline Act (Bella Popera)

 After two contracts working as a production singer and orchestra guitarist for cruise lines, we had seen every headliner act that played our vessels, and we were inspired to create our own act. The first thing we did was buy his book “Cabaret Secrets”. His book is so thorough, so candid, so incredibly informative and helpful... Gary’s advice and insight on how to create your own show is second to none.

Matt Wolfe & Lainie Munro

Headline Duo (Legends of Guitar)

His knowledge of the tiny details and little tricks that can turn simple ideas into cabaret gold is impeccable.

I felt so much more confident about performing my first cruise show having had Gary as a mentor, he gave me knowledge, confidence and his years of performing experience. I feel very fortunate to have his words in my head as I perform.

Georgina Jackson

Headline Vocalist/Instrumentalist

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  • 30 minute welcome call
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  • 30 minute welcome call
  • Over 4 hours of video training
  • Bonus modules
  • 50% off the Cabaret Secrets book
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 1 hour of one-to-one training with Gary



30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with the Cabaret Secrets Video Masterclass, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me personally anytime you want and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a full refund.

Supercharge your Singing career

"I’ve just finished my first full cruise ship show (Fred Olsen, transatlantic cruise from Barbados to Dover). I got a standing ovation! I still have a lot to work to do but it was just unbelievable last night. Everything worked! Gary has a vast knowledge of show production and knows exactly what’s right! I would seriously recommend Gary to any young generation artists who seek guidance and help. Thank you so much."

Kate Chruscicka
Headline Violinist

"Gary really opened my eyes to things I didn’t think mattered. As it turns out everything matters from what you are wearing to where you are standing at any point in the show. Now, thanks to Gary’s help I am traveling around to ships doing what I’m supposed to be doing."

Dan Delgado
Headline Trumpeter 

About Gary

Singer-songwriter, broadcaster and author Gary Williams has been hailed as “the UK's leading standard bearer for the supercool era” and has performed everywhere from Bestival to Buckingham Palace. Star of the West End’s “Rat Pack”, he is a favourite with big bands and concert orchestras throughout the world from the BBC Concert Orchestra to the Melbourne Symphony. Described by producer Hugh Wooldridge as "One of the most distinguished cabaret artistes this country has produced," Gary wrote the performers’ bible ‘Cabaret Secrets’, has presented for BBC Radio 2 and was profiled in the Sunday Times' ‘Fame and Fortune’ section. His fifteen solo albums prompted Oscar winning lyricist Don Black to say “In a world of Pop Idol mediocrity Gary Williams shines like a dazzling beacon.”
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Is everything I need in the book and where can I buy it?

The Masterclass contains most of what’s in the book (without the funny stories) and a lot more besides. I talk about the same things we would discuss if you were having a one-to-one session with me. In this Masterclass I expand a lot more on the themes in the book.

You can get the paperback through my website or through Amazon.  

What if I get stuck? Will you answer my questions? 

Yes, I am here for you. If you buy the Premium package you get an hour of one-to-one training with me over Zoom. Before booking your session, I recommend you go through the whole course first and get as far as you can. Make a list of your stumbling blocks and we can go through them making the best use of the time available.

If you have the Standard package and have a question, first search the website. Second, look through the Q&A page. This is where people like you have reached out with their own questions. I have posted my answers here so you can learn from them too. Next, I recommend you take a look at the podcasts. They are packed with loads of useful information. Finally, you can post your own question to the Q&A page and I will answer it there for you. 

What if I want to book more one-to-one training with you.

Go to the shop and buy the time there. Once I receive confirmation of your order I will be in touch to arrange a time that suits us both and give you some pointers to make sure you’re prepared so you can get what you need.

Is the 30 day refund for real? Any catch?

Yes, it’s for real. Of course, I don’t want you to quit so if you have any concerns or feel it’s not working for you, please get in touch so we can talk about it. Maybe I can help. But if it’s not working for you, let me know and I will give you a refund. Please note that this applies to the video masterclass price, not any one-to-one training or the book.

How do I book my welcome call?

Once you have placed your order, Gary will be in touch via email to arrange a convenient time for your welcome call.

I have ordered the Masterclass but how do I get the book at half-price?

Once we have processed your order for the Masterclass you will automatically receive an email with a link where you can order your half-price book.