Create your own show, travel the world and get paid to do what you love.

"Everybody in cabaret should read it" Michael Roulston

What IS IT?

Your personal director

Cabaret Secrets is your personal director. Every artiste needs to know where they can improve and what they should be working on. Having Cabaret Secrets in your gig bag is the next best thing to taking your director with you, wherever you go. We never stop learning but there are shortcuts. Cabaret Secrets gives you a fast track to success. I share everything I know so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.

The Book

It all starts with the book Cabaret Secrets. You'll find along with dozens of 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Video Masterclass

Take the Cabaret Secrets Video Masterclass: 3 hours of expert training, split over 17 in-depth lessons.

Personal Masterclass

When you're ready to take things to the next level, take a Cabaret Masterclass with Gary Williams.

What Cabaret Secrets can do for you

Save Money

If I only knew these secrets when I first started out 20 years ago I would have saved £1000s on bad musical arrangements, £1000s on wasted publicity and £1000s recording CDs that sounded terrible. With Cabaret Secrets you can get it right first time.

Amazing Advice

Amazing advice from the best in the business. Learn from cabaret stars like Michael Feinstein, Steve Ross, Marta Sanders and Marlena Shaw. I asked them insider questions about how they decide which songs to sing, how they script their shows and the best lessons they’ve learned. Dozens of great pros were happy to share their secrets with me, so I could share them with you.

Practical Help

Practical help you can use. Cabaret Secrets is packed with sensible, practical advice. As someone who’s been doing it for a long time, I know the hurdles and challenges a newcomer will face. I tell you what you need to know about writing a lighting cue sheet, making a PA specification and how to choose a recording studio. I even tell you what to pack for a gig on a cruise ship!

why we do it

I’ve been there

I've been performing cabaret shows for over 30 years. When I started there was no one to help show me how to put a set together, what to say to the audience, where to stand, how to commission musical arrangements and so on. It too me years and a lot of wasted money to figure it all out for myself. Cabaret Secrets is your shortcut to success. It's not a magic wand, but it will save you time and money and get your closer to traveling the world getting paid to do what you love.

About the author

Singer-songwriter Gary Williams has been described as “the UK's leading standard bearer for the supercool era” and has performed everywhere from Bestival to Buckingham Palace. Star of the West End’s “Rat Pack”, he’s a favourite with big bands and concert orchestras throughout the world from the BBC Concert Orchestra to the Melbourne Symphony. He has presented for BBC Radio 2 and was profiled in the Sunday Times' ‘Fame and Fortune’ section. His solo albums prompted Oscar winner Don Black to say “In a world of Pop Idol mediocrity Gary Williams shines like a dazzling beacon.”


What they say

clive davis

The Times

Williams’s attention to detail is all that you would expect from the author of Cabaret Secrets, a fascinating insider’s handbook on how to nurture an audience for the kind of classic songbook fare that struggles to make itself heard in a world obsessed with The X Factor.



Gary Williams, an established singer and recording artist, has marshalled his own personal experience – and spoken to many other practitioners – to come up with an invaluable guide to negotiating the minefield of creating a cabaret act and making a career and living from it.

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